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Dune 2000 & Router


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Hi everyone.

Well... I used to play Dune 2000. Now I have it installed on a windows XP machine. This machine conects to internet by a Router DLink DI-604, and I can't play online. I go to the lobby, start/join a new game, but when I start playing it frozens. I have my machine configured DMZ in the router. I CAN play without the router, so... it's not a game problem, but router. The DMZ configuration must turn off the firewall, but i'm not shure at all. If I configure the 4000 and 1140-1234 UDP/UTP ports I can't start playing, it's frozen in the lobby.

Any ideas?  ;)


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Hi Gryphon:

Thanks for your fast help. Well: I download the last firmware for my router, and it has an XBOX option, so I enable it thinking that this was the nearest to a "game" option. I enabled the UPnP option too. Remember that my machine is configured DMZ. But... nothing happens. I try again yesterday and nothing. I forgot to tell you, my machine is a windows XP one.

It does exist a firmware with the game option, but it's only (as the website says) for the USA version of the Router (A,B,C) and I have the D version (an European version).

Should I try installing the Rotorz patch?

Any other idea?. Thanks a lot.

FranZ :'(

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Yeap: I CAN join a game, but when it starts, it freezes after 2 minutes. I actually CAN play over my LAN, both computers with Win XP, so this isn't the problem. My conextion is a 128 Kbps cable one.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions... if I found out something I will post my discovery. The last thing I must try is clone the MAC of my machine into de router...


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Thanks to FOX4play, who guide me in the proper configuration of my router.

Let's see:

-Windows XP

-FOXRotorz's conection patch running BEFORE Dune 2000 starts

-Router: DLink DI-604 revision D (European version)

-Firmware V3.06, Wed, Aug 4 2004

-Advanced Options:

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