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MuahahaHAHAHahaha-evil genius


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HoW EviL Are YoU? ;D

So, i played the Evil genius demo... the game looks to have sadistic potential.  your goal as an evil genius is to rule the world! (of course) in the demo you build a base and control your minions and fight off constantly attacking good guys... thats about it for the demo.. along with pointless tasks such as interogating a thief which is actually quite funny.  and you can send your evil genius down to laugh at the prisoners in their cell..hehe...

In the full version i guess you are able to send out your minions to do evil deeds accross the world.. but in the demo you are just stuck on one piece of land.  if you are interested in seeing this check it out at www.howevilareyou.com/us/

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