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Dune: Battle of Corin reviews?

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well in defence, the atomic bomb (or its idea) was already there bfore ww2)

as to more technology, there have always been more developments during and after a war, look at space travel, airplanes, these have not always been made for war, often adapted to meet the wars means.

most of the time they try to develop new weapons and in the aftermath or process they develop new ways of travel or confort or medicine

I do agree with you that the coming of the mentats , the guild and the bene Geserit is a bit far searched so there should have been more time between them,

then again we are talking about more than 100 years of evolution

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I found it somewhat ridiculous that all these Dune-era establishments pretty much came by after or during the BJ - BG order, Mentats, Warp travel, etc.

I agree that is seems strangely coincidental that all these events came to fruition around the same time. The whole connection with Arrakis happening within the same window is the most glaring example. It's just absurd that the spice is being discovered at the same time that foldspace technology is happening as well as all the other connected suspensor/shield technology, and then the Mentants, BG, Guild, etc all form from the remains. It's just way too coincidental, too much to be believed.These writers have no concept of evolution and growth of ideas. They also have no sense of economic realities. Sure there are leaps and jumps in technology but to have four or five or ten, I lost count, simultaneous jumps within the same window? That's just stupid.

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