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Dune II data files?


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I've been playing Dune II for quite some time now and I tried several times to extract the image files but horribly failed since the file format is quite badly documented. So, does anyone here has the original files from Dune II? I assume Stefan has them, but he has stuffed them all into the Allegro PAK file and I don't really want to spent a few days coding up an application that can reverse engineer the pak files and extract the data files.

Could anyone hook me up?


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XCC is a great tool for converting FROM Dune 2 graphics to other formats.

However, what I have been looking for is a program to convert images TO Dune 2 SHP-files.

See, I am heavily involved in modding C&C1, and one thing keeps bothering me... the mouse cursor graphics aren't in C&C SHP format, but the Dune 2 format.

I tried just converting it to C&C format, but that only caused the game to crash.

Are there any tools that can help me with converting images to the Dune 2 SHP format? XCC can't do it.

Also, does anyone know where to find the graphics of the structures in the Dune II files? I've been looking for those for a long time.

Stefan, did you just grab those with an endless amount of screenshots, or is there a way to actually extract them?

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