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New guy needs help


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I started editing the rules.txt file about a week ago with notepad and I would like to know how to use that txt to make the changes appear in game.;D My questions are: #1) Do I have to rename the .txt in .ini? #2) Where do I have to put this file? and #3) Is notepad a good utility to edit the rules.txt?

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#1) Do I have to rename the .txt in .ini?

If you mean renaming the 'Rules.txt' file to 'Rules.ini', then no.

#2) Where do I have to put this file?

Create a folder in your EmperorData folder called 'Model'. Move the Rules.txt file in there.

#3) Is notepad a good utility to edit the rules.txt?

It's fine, I would recommend that as a first option to edit the Rules.txt file with. You should note however, that sometimes you may encounter an 'out of memory' error (especially while working with the ArtIni.txt file, so you could also use another word processor like Microsoft Word or Wordpad if this occurs. Notepad however, is ok for starters. :)

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I read on old topics that Emperor had a unit limit, is this limit including buildings?

There is an 'overall limit' to what can be declared in the Rules.txt. This limit applies to everything that has been declared, not limited to buildings. It includes all unit entries, building entries, bullet entries, and armour type entries.

And is there a solution to this unit limit, some way to increase it?

I wouldn't call it a 'unit limit', since it's not truly restricted to units in particular. As far as I know, no one has ever found a way to increase the 'declaration limit' in the Rules.txt, people have only worked around it.

Just keep on adding more units until you get an illegal operation error when trying to start the game. When that happens, you need to trade off or 'sacrifice' some things in the Rules.txt, if you want to continue adding more units. You can either remove various declarations from the Rules.txt by cancelling out some buildings, units, removing bullets that aren't used, etc etc, or you can try converting some units that are already there. Remember that the limit is on how many things can be declared, once you reach the limit, you have to stay within it to continue to make things work.

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