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can anybody plz post some kind of a guideline how you are able to play this game online? i checked out a link to register a nick at WOL but nothing happened, I did'nt get an email like I was told on the site. I read something bout XWISC and downloaded a tool which was linked, but nothing happened except an error occured.

I've never played this one online before but sometimes I feel like I have to get my ass kicked so playing onlie would be a good idea I guess.

When I choose multiplayer ingame all that happens is an error. What is this all about with registering nicks and shit like this. I'm used to enter a key, press multiplayer ingame and chose a server to join... so I seriously have no clue how everything works out in EBFD although I read a lot of threads now... maybe someone could be that helpful and post some kind of a guideline which explains everything in detail and which describes the easiest way to play online...

sorry for not getting along with this on my own... it seems just a bit weird to me...

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