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Hello everyone!

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Hi all. I am new to here, and I am glad there is a website out there that still has forums and other stuff for Emperor. I think it is great, but sadly, I never find people online, when I go to Multi-Player Custom or Quick Game. Do you guys play on different servers? And how do I connect to these? Help appreciated.

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Ok, got XWIS, but, when I try to login with one of my old accounts for WOL, it doesn't work. This is what I get:


nick: sg1403

: 375 u :- Login to XCC Online failed!

: 372 u :-

: 372 u :- Dune 2000: http://dune2k.com/

: 372 u :-

: 372 u :- Your serial number has been temporarily banned. Visit Dune 2000 for more information (SID: 0).

: 376

: 607

I have never cheated or played unfair. I have 4 of these old accounts, but when I go to delete them using the XWIS page, it doesn't work. Also, when I try to create new nick, it says "Invalid Clan Name". I amn't in a clan, how do I fix this?

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