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Windows 2000 Professional Start-up

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The start-up to Windows seems to be quite slow on my IBM Thinkpad notebook. I've tried searching for msconfig, but apparently Windows 2000 Professional uses a different program to dictate what applications run on start-up. I however, do not know what this is, can anyone tell me?

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Could be Windows File Protection caching system files. You can tune it to protect less therefore speeding startup. You could do as I do with my Thinkpad t23 - hibernate rather than shutdown as this speeds 'boot up'. Be aware that laptop harddrives are slower than desktops (5400rpm vs 7200/10,000rpm) and the transfer rate may be less.

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Windows 2000 tends to start-up slowly. Try disabling some ununsed services such as the Windows Instrumental Mananagement Service and Messenger, Alerter and stuff. Don't disable too many mind you... and make sure you know what you are disabling first! Oh, and if you forget what services should be enabled/disabled, the defaults are listed in the help file for the services mmc.

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Ok I used to have win2k pro as well. To edit startup programs do the following: (*WARNING* If you do not know exactly what you are doing, i do not recommend screwing with registry files, as you can very easily turn your computer into one big clusterfuck)

run regedit


Delete the appropriate startup files.

Enjoy the 2.5687 second faster startup speed, lol!

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