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^ Have decided to try this mod out. Downloaded it and extracted it. Ran the Activator and got the message "Invalid filename". The Mod does not show as being activated. I have tested this in EBFD (not too sure what to expect, but nothing seems different at all !).

I have had a good look around, and found that the files causing the problems are the ones named <House>SFX.txt. I removed the entries from the activator (SHinfo.dat) and the activator reports the mod to be installed, but still makes no difference. I search my EBFD directory for any files named *sfx.txt and replaced those with the ones from the mod manually (after making backups, of course).

No joy at all. Do they not replace those ? Or is there another area I should be looking at ? I have a NoCD patch. Thats the only unusual thing...and it is installed in E:Program Filesgamesemperor on my HD.

I had a look at this thread but its not much help, more about the mod than troubleshooting (which is fair !).


Thanks for help guys..

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Hmm, that's too bad....

Whether it should be working or not, your No-cd patch won't be the problem (well... not 100% sure, but it is so unlikely)

Just a checklist:

1) Did you extract all files to the same directory as the "SHActivator.exe"? (likely)

2) When running the game, do you see on the lower-left corner something like "Shai-Hulud mod, version 1.1"?

3) Do you have the following folders, and do they have content?

E:Program Filesgamesemperordata3ddatabuildings

E:Program Filesgamesemperordata3ddatatextures

E:Program Filesgamesemperordata3ddataunits

E:Program Filesgamesemperordatamodel

E:Program Filesgamesemperordatastrings

4) When you open up the folder where you extracted all files to, how many files are still there? (in total, the mod has 603 files, excluding zip-files and readme file)

5) Since you already know what the "SHInfo.dat" means, if you open the file, and look at the second line, do you see the right path for where you installed Emperor. ("E:Program Filesgamesemperor")

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Thanks for the quick reply !

1) All files in the same directory as the "SHActivator.exe"

2) Not on the first screen where I have v1.09 in the top left, and the options button, along with single player and multiplayer...

3) Ahah ! I think you may have hit it on the head here, Mr Timen. I have the directory E:Program Filesgamesemperordata3ddatabuildings

Note the missing between emperor and data (emperordata). I guess I will have to change the path to Empreror in the SHinfo.dat and add a at the end of the path I give.

I will try that now !

4) I have slightly less number of files at 601, but I did move files in and out of directory. Will re-extract.

-=-=- Update -=-=

I changed the path, it works fine. Nice mod Mr Timen.

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Well, nice it was such a small problem :)

It was kind of lazy of me not to let the program find out for itself where "Emperor.exe" was located (well, I didn't know how to do it fast, too) So typing in a path should note have to be necassary.

Anyway, enjoy the mod.

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