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A question of control?

Voodoo Daddy

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I have been reading the message boards for info, cause I am new and want to learn. I was reading the post "recent game Loopy vs cyrenius" which semed to me to be a big pissing contest by one of the posters, however in the thread one of the posters mentioned "hard to micro with no units". What is or are micros? Can you execute strings of commands somehow? Cause it seems to me so far, that your stragety is only half the game, If you cannot maintain complete control of your units at all times your gonna loose. I was just wondering if there are methods of control that aren't common knowlege? Thanks

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micro = micromanagement

emp is not only a game of massive attacks with loads of units. u can/need to rule the game with micromanagement. do small damages there, do irritations there, kill some harvs here, and roll over some infs there....desroy a building with a few fremes even if he is stronger than u, be fast and be intelligent....lol....u know? the mass of small things will kill him like a  massive attack.


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