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Native Linux version of Dune II


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I'm currently working on a native Linux version of Dune II (C++ and libSDL),

and I decided to try to use the original Dune II .pak resources, so I need 

to decode / unpack the files. Pak, Cps and Shp are already working, but I 

need to decode these .wsa and .icn files. Can anybody help me / provide

information on the format of these files?

(I plan to include TCP/IP multiplayer features)

Already working features are:

sound (at least partial),

unit movement,



building of units (only quad yet),

so you have something to look at already.

If you want to help me developing the game or just take a look at it, please tell me!

Thank you! :)


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All I can help ATM is providing this link to GIF animation based on one of .wsa animations:


I can convert some few other animations from Intro but note that they are taken from Amiga version and can be lower quality. If you want actual .wsa format yes, you should refer to Olaf's XCC page and programs.

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There is a first working version!

I had to re-write the entire code to make it more readable and easier to understand (it's fully object-oriented now, with event handling), so the first things that are working are the basic gui and some vehicles (quad and trike) with sound, path-finding, shooting, a nice animation when a vehicle burns, and an animation when a vehicle explodes. (Just like in original Dune II).

The code compiles cleanly under Debian/Woody, required libraries are libSDL, libSDL_mixer, libSDL_gfx (to be downloaded separately), libSDL_ttf, and libttf-dev (debian packages).

See README for all libraries!

The source code is available at:


There is also a pre-compiled statically linked version for i386 available.



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Does anyone know how to create a Dune II map from the seed (or field)

value in scenario.pak / the scenario files?

There are some seed2map programs at dune-related sites, but I didn't find

any source code or hints on how the seed value is used to create the map.

I need an algorithm or a description of how it's done.

Thank you!


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