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Sorry to bug...but new install and I'm havin problems


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I've just RE-installed Emperor...again.  This time it actually made it to 100% thx to some of your posts here (i copied the CD to my HD and installed from there with CD in).

However it does not run at all.  I've used the start menu shortcut, my desktop shortcut.  Even putting in the Atreides CD and autorunning didn't work.  It acts like it will, bringing up the "EMPEROR" PIC but then disappears and Nuthin happens. 

I'm running

Win XP Home

Pentium 2.4ghz

1 gig PC4000 ram

ATI 9800 Pro

and Version

any help would be appreciated...:D

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Erm... Are you running any version of Norton antivirus? If so, there is a patch somewhere around here that makes EBFD work with NAV.

I dont know where it is, cos i never needed it. I just uninstalled NAV and EBFD started working.

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