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update on the Dune2k mod for Battlezone2


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As some of you might remember, I am working on a total conversion of Battlezone2 to Dune2K/Emperor. I started about a year ago and got help from a few friendly people on this board.

So I want to show some screenies and ask for more help ;)

Factory builds a harvester:


Harvester and 2 troopers:


Spice Explosion:


Spice settles in sand:


Spice gets sundried:


Driving up to the radar (building on left):


God view when logged onto radar:


Having said that: I would like to have a few beta testers to help me improve my work. So if you do have a copy of Battlezone2, please head over to http://www.bz2md.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=512 and post a message. thanks.

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I am in need of more and more beta testers.

Please drop by and sign up on the beta board.

Once I have the Artreides buildings done, I will post more screenies here.

current status: Harkonnen and Ordos races are working ingame. Sardaukar units are working as well. Sandworms are working fine, almost too good. Mission 1 is being tested currently and I think I have addressed most imminent issues.

Mission 2 is on its way and once it is done, I will release the next beta (beta 4).

FYI: the missions are multiplayer missions that are being played in co-op mode. You *can* play them alone as well, offline, but it is just not that much fun as playing with your friends.

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