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Emperor runs too fast


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Hi, i got an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ with 512 RAM, my video card is an ATI Radeon 9000 128 mb pro.

Everything in the game is fine, i got no problems with graphics or sounds.....

However the game runs too fast, if i decrese the game speed the game will run as if it where lagging. Is there something out there to fix this problem???? please help!!!!

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The game runs too fast? Thats a new one...

Erm, yeah, try turning down the game speed. Thats pretty much the only way. Or play on a shittier computer.

You see, there isnt a way to turn down the game without turning down the framerate. You, with such a computer, are used to high framerates. Emperor (while still a good game) is not much of a high-framerate game.

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You can set graphics to highest(32bit colors) and shadow on.

if the game still fast try to enable 4x anisotropic + 4x FSAA(go to control panel>DISPLAY>SETTING>ADVANCED>ATI 9000pro>DIRECT3d SETTING)

I think 9000pro has full support, u will notice a better graphic after doing that and less framerate as well.

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I had same problem with Emperor bfd, runs too fast in LAN games. The only way I found to slow it down is to use CPUgrabber. You can find it there :


I have Athlon XP 3400+ and Intel 3.2 Ghz. When we want to do a LAN game, we just launch CPUgrab on Athlon Xp 3400+ before, and set it to 80. Then game speed is normalĀ  :)

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