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New World Order

Caid Ivik

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Short fictional historical essay about what happened, what is happening and what may happen... First idea was to translate my "Savachiel" story to english and post it as a debt for Sir Sard, but I think this may be enough.


20th century gave us many ideals. Two world wars were like blood pacts with ideology of humanism, which we have chosen to be our lighthouse in the world overfilled by thoughts. Ideas of democracy, personal freedom and responsibility, untouchability of private property, equality, justice or solidarity formed our new pantheon. In early 1990s disintegrated the main enemy of our ideals, the Soviet Union. Millions cheered, when they first felt the freedom. Tough their way of attaining democracy was not to be easy, they went to it with joy and strong will. While the East was slowly embracing these new opportunities, Americans felt for the first time their dominance. Russia was still armed with enormous nuclear arsenal, even if their conventional army had lost its strength. And even politically they were close now. China seemed to be only threat, and even these opened their markets and thus own culture, tough it remained bound by red chains. European countries on the other hand started to unite, trying to become a counterpart to american dominance.

However, Middle East, which used to be a political battlefield for Cold War superpowers, now looked more naked. Without backing of soviet Russia, they were left to western influence. When Americans, then backed by most Europe yet, rushed into Serbia and brought down dictator Milosevic, westfalian system of ultimate sovereignty started to seem obsolete. Feared by lack of the opportunity, which gave Arab countries such influence during the Cold War, it went to support for worldwide terrorist groups. Al Qaida was the first of such, known for its grand attack in 2001. USA had in that time enough strength for quick operation against its bases in Afghanistan, however they soon made another attacks around whole world. Next target of american crusade against them was Iraq, as it was presumed they might load here chemical weapons for next attacks. Operation was swift, despite negeative reaction from most Europe and continuing terror. They hit Spain, Spain retreated. Worst on whole action was that Iraqi rebelled and various factions started here a massive civil war between themselves, while US were not only one of them, but also expected from UN to calm the situation.

Iraqi blamage encouraged terrorists for more actions. EU already stopped trust them, however, they became targets too. By spanish model, a new doctrine of "seeking them inside" was put to practice. While countries were partially effective when seeking terrorist blocks at home, their core became too spread. European Union had also other problems. Differences between pre-2000 members and eastern parts were too large. Constitution made them mere allies. Great Britain in that time left the Union. EU was truly composed by France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Benelux states. Strictly planned economy and societal conventions bound it too powerful, but rather limited state. USA were gripped by security. Especially when presidet Kerry was assassinated in 2009, in time of his presidential campaign, intensive due to lowering support. Great ally, Turkey, fell to war with strengthening Kurds, which invaded it from Iraq, supported by small, but active armenian and georgian armies.

Russia de facto left democracy, when Putin won the presidential elections for fourth time in row. Security was tight, Chechenya empty, centroasian states commanded by russian army, which fought with al qaidian or other mercenaries. Revolts against Lukasenko and Kucma on the western border were pacifized by their army as well. Central Europe was in bad status as well, when slovak president Fico managed to take control of most facilities owned by foreign firms, controlled by jews around "Skupinka" (little group). That led to war with Hungary, an ally of Israel, where Poland intervened with huge losses. In Serbia became Seselj a president after third Kosovo war and quickly assembled forces to retake Bosnia and separatist Kosovo. He made an union with Bulgary and in 2012 serbobulgarian army took Istanbul, where Seselj crowned himself as new byzantine emperor Vojislav I. Dreadful terrorist attack in Berlin during a Love Parade 2010 made EU even more isolated, so they did not intervene in no of them. It was hard to find a peaceful place now. Maybe Moon, where a cosmonauts from China land in 2019.

Democratic system of the 20th century ending was falling like a cardhouse. Former bastions of peace and prosperity became security-tighted police states or resource-controlling dictatures ruled by state-made oligarchy. Some called for reviving of UN, with new unified peacekeeping force. When this attacked US forces on antiterrorist operation of Philipines, inside UN remained only Russia, China and their allies. USA in 2020 finally changed their constitution for a "threated state". Country fell under iron hand of council of twelve masonic grandmasters, elected by members of their lodges. Western european countries renamed themselves to Union of Eurosocialist Republics and to counter "NATO's (GB and USA) imperialism" they released own missions against both UN and NATO forces. Serbobulgarians assembled a large army, alongside with central Europe and emperor Vojislav III. in 2032 declared a crusade against UESR, same as centroasian states, which went next year with pakistani support to a djihad against Russia.

In 2045 was a secret Commission for the New World Order assembled, including Supreme Illuminated Grandmaster of USA (name unknown), still ruling russian president Putin, leader of Al Qaida Jusuf bin Ladin, big brother Stanislav Gross of UESR, pope Lev XVI. and chinese premier Min, to find a cure for the ill world. Or at least for themselves. New space colonies on Moon and Mars were to hold remnants of these cultures. Two years later byzantine flag waved for a first time in Versailles. Shortly, a group declaring themselves "Templars" took up weapons of unknown principe and by creating array of craters parted Normandy from continent. UESR dissolved, last french were led by Templars in Normandy. Turkmeni president in same time took control of Moscow and declared himself a second prophet of Allah. This enraged Pakistan. Where once were Berlin, Paris, Bratislava, Wien or Kijev, was from 2047 a field of djihads and crusades between Serbobulgarian Byzantine Empire and Moscow Kalifate. With Templars, Skupinka and socialist nostalgics on the side of failing.

In USA people rebelled against freemasons and set a rule of city states, later controlled by agents of orbital USA, UN, Templars or AI systems. China fell by rebellions too. UN forces were already from 2049 separated from governments' control and took control of it. UN secretary declared himself "Enlightened One" as a highest authority, superhuman leading the new world of technocracy. If you wanted to live freely now, you had to go few million kms to Mars. People here could laugh about all those groups fightning on Earth for power. Their rulers had no need to care for them, so remained in petty playing with terrans as with playtools, riding on unability of terran powers to fire against orbit. Commission lived on ISS-6, spinning around Moon. New World Order was set up. Space powers had fun with terran powers, on Earth was enough between UN and other forces. Who had the privilege to live on Mars, far from effects of Commission's doctrine could find the best name for it. This order was in fact nothing else, than plain maintaince of chaos.

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