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Dune 2000 and connection with other players


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I've just installed Dune 2000 as you guys already know.  My graphics problems have all been fixed, but another problem has started.

I can log onto the lobby and talk with the people there. I can join into a game no problem.  However when I host a game other players cann't connect to me. They can get into the setup menu and we can talk, but when we start the game it times out and sends us back to the lobby.

This is not an out of sync error, we just can't connect when I host.  When the other guy host were ok.

I have both updates to version 1.06 and the WOLANI.dll file installed.  The WOLANI.dll file was copied to the internet folder below the Dune 2000 folder.  No firewall was running during the game play.


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I use a 56K dial up modem (D-link)

I have a firewall (zone alarm) but this was switched off prior to starting the game.

There seems to be a lot of processes running, would listing these be of any help?

I don't understand why we can talk in the lobby and at the game start up menu but yet still not connect in one direction only.

XP has auto updates active and there is an icon for msn in the lower right corner with a message (not signed in).

I live in the country and do have some problems with line stabiity, I can drop of the net if an electric cattle fence is not earthed properly.

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Its works ;D

The story that I've been told is XP never came out with a firewall initially, it had been added with the updates.  The default setting is off but I must have set it on at some stage.

I never new I had installed it, let alone activated it. Catch for young players.

All the best


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