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Battle Of The Line~HighLands~


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This is a remade battle of the line....

Tell me what you think Thou Demands it

The Fighter banked to the left. She pressed the engines to their max forcing the agile craft to shake her violently with G forces. The ground below was dark, which was odd. It may have been the black forest, but their wasn't even a trace of Green it was as if the entire forest was absorbing all the spectrums of light. She slowed down and did a pass over the Tree line.

What she seen shocked her to her core. She was the first one who seen the Army of the dead. They were marching. Marching on the Last human of city of Thermopylae. The bottom of the forest teamed with reanimated corpses. They seemed to stretch for miles. She pulled up and increased her speed. The black forest started to disappear behind her but still the path of blackness stretched in front of her. It was over a mile wide and disappeared well beyond the Horizon.

"WildCard 14 To Cadillac. I'm Seeing the same thing the Dutch reported in France. Looks like it stretches into the Checz Republic and into Poland. Looks like their heading towards us from all directions. Board up the barn. I'm Coming home, Not much more I can do here. Heading back home.

"Rodger Wild-Card 14 Head on in."

Angela Rodrigues banked the fighter and headed back towards the last human city.

"I'll be addressing the city in a few minutes." She told her aid. President Triptz sat in her leather chair. The President of the Human Remnant.

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Ryan Sharpie dropped his gear and stood information with the rest of the Jan Ceri, or new troop. They were not new or regular troops. They fight as a special forces unit. Coming from remnants of the best the old world had to put together. Ryan was once a United States Ranger, He was lucky enough to escape with 20 of his comrades in a plane to Europe, where they hoped things would be different, but found them exactully the same. Chaos, Bloodshed the downfall of society, and they were forced to fight more battles against a enemy that would not give up one who would never surrender or never retreat.

Major Ethen Bon'a stood infront of them, he wasn't saying anything he was just expecting the lines. Looking at each man to see if they were clean shaven and hair cut short, teeth brushed and weapons ready for inspection. Bon'a himself was short only 5'4 he however was the meanest son of a bitch that ever lived, or so some of the men thought so. Private Collins had tried to start a bar fight with him, and Bon'a gave him a good licking, Collins was in the hospital for two weeks with 6 broken bones, since then no one has made fun of Bon'a's stature.

He marched back to the front of the line and began to speak in a heavy French accent.

"Men of the Jan Ceri, Our time have come, we will stand and fight with the others, We have orders to hold them off at the base of the mountain as long as we can, set up mines and Automated cannons to slow them down. We will be the first line of defense the city has."

Ryan felt a cold wave of fear run down his spine, he pushed it aside hoping the others hadn't seen it. They had been ordered to their death. How many of the men would drop out and take the transport ships? How many would actually go to the bottom of the mountain and hold off the damned creatures. Would he himself sacrifice his life to hold the creatures off a few minutes? Never see Kari again? He debated his duties of state and the duties of love. He would have to think about it, but time was running low, he needed to talk to Kari, he had to see what she wanted.

Bon'a continued, "Of course none of you have to do anything you can leave with the transports but I will go down myself, alone if needed to slow them, Anyone who wishes to fight report to the Barracks in 2 hours." Bon'a turned and walked away.

"Well fuck." Steven Winger said to Sharpie as they started to walk away, the troops were dispersing either to say good buys or to drop out.

"Yea straight from the frying pan into the fire." Ryan remarked slipping his ruck sack on.

"What are you going to do?" Steven asked.

"I don't know, if we go down there we die, There is no hope of survival, I want to see Kari again you know? I don't know if I want to sacrifice my life to give 10 minutes to the transports."

"I'm going, I can't miss a battle, I will die, but at least it will be in the flames of battle and not starving to death on some god forsaken French island."

"You always were the romantic. The freaks wont care how brave you are as they eat your fucking dick off."

Steven scoffed, "Let em try bet they can't even get the thing in there mouth." Steven joked.

Steven Winger was as his name suggested German, He lived in Stuttgart and was part of the national guard. As hell broke loose him and his family fled to the mountains Lichtenstein were they lived for a few months in seclusion, His wife and child were killed when he went searching for fire wood one night, he was evacuated two hours later by a rescue chopper, he takes his anger and frustration for not saving his children out in battle. Steven himself was of average height and stature, brown short cropped hair and blue eyes, his teeth were stained from his nearly constant smoking of cigarettes.

"Cause they can't find it." Ryan joked.

Steven jabbed him in the ribs with his elbow.

"I have to go see if I can get some crisis loving, will see you at the barracks."

"Semper Fi." Ryan said as Steven turned and departed.

"What do you mean we don't have enough artillery?" Triptz asked Selim.

"We don't have enough tanks, or Artillery pieces. You know how desperately we need those to hold the dead off? A massive artillery bombardment can kill thousands at a time. It could mean the difference between victory and defeat, a Armor piercing round could vaporize dozens of freaks before it exploded and killed more.

"Well can't cant you get more?" Triptz asked.

"Where do you suggest I get them?" Selim said his face turning red with frustration, why wouldn't this damned women understand.

"What about the Museum in Stuttgart?" Triptz asked," There are dozens of tanks there we could get those."

Selim hadn't considered this, The museum in Stuttgart had dozens of ww1,ww2 and even a few Leopard tanks. They could be used if they managed to get them working.

"How do you suggest I get them?"

"Drop a team, drive them to the airport, load a few transport planes and fly back."

"It could work the majority of the Dead are avoiding the area and heading through the flatlands of Belgium and Luxemburg."

"There is only 13 hours before the dead reach the city walls, Use whatever means you must to defend the city."

Her radio chimed in," Madam President, Corsica will be cleared sooner then expected 4 hours from now and the island will be black and cratered, nothing will live."

She pressed the button marked TALK," Good to hear, keep up the work."

General Selim nodded to the president and left the room, leaving her to her duties.

Tripitz finished the conversation and started to cry, why did this have to happen to her? Why did the world have to fall around her? She was filled with sadness, she had failed her people. Exhaustion was begging to set in, she started to doze. She forced it off shaking herself awake, 14 hours more, she had to much stuff to do in that time.

Triptz reached in one of the desk cabinets and pulled out a small big, she dumped a small portion of it on her desk, formed it into a small line and inhaled it. Within a few seconds her mind was racing and her hear was pumping, she pushed the few particles that she had missed back into the bag and back in her desk.

She had more important things to do beside sleep.

Ryan Sharpie entered his house on the corner of 8th and Munich. Dropping his rucksack by the door, his first intention was to get something to drink, he was thirsty and it may be his last time for a drink of something alcoholic before he had to go. If he went, he hadn't decided yet.

Kari was sitting on the couch looking through a magazine, but it was obvious by the way she was looking at it that she wasn't reading, or even trying to look like she was reading. She was just waiting for Ryan.

"You heard the news?" Ryan asked sitting beside her.

Kari was 5'4 slender with auburn eyes and long brown hair that was tied in a pony tail behind her head, she was really quite striking, and she could speak with the softness of a child or the aggression of a rampant tiger.

"Anyone who is close to a Jan Ceri, Family, Spouse or girlfriend will be taken out on the first transport to Sardina." She had memorized the words to the news release.

This was news to Ryan he hadn't heard of this yet." When did they say that?"

"About 20 minutes ago." She dropped the magazine on the coffee table infront of her and turned towards him." Where are they sending you?"

"The front of the line, a choke point 2 miles away from the city, we are ordered to hold them off as long as possible while defenses are being finished." Ryan said his eyes looking down on the white couch trying to avoid her stare.

"How are they going to extract you?"

Ryan let out a sigh," They rant going to. We are to hold no matter the costs. There won't be any time for evacuation.

"Well you're going to drop out then." She said matter of fatly.

"I'm sorry Kari, but you have to survive, if I drop out you will just be another regular citizen and have to  wait your turn, by then it might be too late. I have to do it."

"No you won't." She said defiantly.

"There isn't another way." Ryan said looking up at her eyes.

"I don't want to go if you're not coming, I would be the reason you died. I can't have that on my soul, I just can't."

"If I don't go to the line, there is a chance we could both die. You have to survive baby girl." He brushed the hair from her face," I can't see you die."

She started crying." I won't get on that transport plane, I won't do it!"

"Kari, I have made up my mind, I'm going to the line, I'm going to give my life so you can have time to leave and start again. I love you, I want you to have the best chance of survival there is. This is the only  way."

"Why? Why is fighting so important to you? Why can't we just take our chances?" She demanded.

"Love, its not that I want to, I love you, the best chance you have is on that first plane outa here. I want you." He paused," I need you to survive for me." He embraced her once last time, and the moment seemed to last a eternity.

Micheal Geray was scared, he was only 14 years old. The men around him were in there twenties, he was small only 5'6, and he had entered service when the word came of a large dead attack. His family had forbidden him, knowing it would mean death but that didn't keep Micheal from joining, he was a young adventurous adolescent, He was scrawny and weak, barely able to carry the ruck sack on his back that the other men walked around with ease.

He watched the construction of the walls with fascination, They were over a hundred feet tall, over 8 feet thick made of pure concrete, Giant cranes moved them in piece by piece, the fronts were white with shiny marble to keep dead from finding a niche to crawl up, Once they were set. The troops would rush up them and set up machine gun, rockets, and flame launching machines. Anything they could get there hands on.

The first two walls were close to the entrance into the city, trying to fight the dead at a narrow point, the second wall was 3 hundred yards behind the first wall, a massive mine field filled this region, hundreds if not thousands of anti personal mines had been set and the region sealed off. The only possible way to get to the first one was the underground maintenance tunnel that could be sealed at a moments notice.

Now he waited with the others, they sat in there barracks playing cards or drinking while they could, Micheal wrote in his Journal, he always had wrote in a journal as early as he could remember, it was one of the things his mother was trying to leave with.

March 18th

Signed up for military against mom and dad's wishes. They gave me a two hour training lesson and that was it. I am officially a soldier of the human remnant. The rest of the men don't even acknowledge my existence, most of them are in there mid twenties, but I am not the only young once, there is Alfred Maxwell, I have known him since I was 9, but hated him, I have always hated that snotty rich bastard, but now for some reason we are getting along. Perhaps its because we have to, There are a few dozen elderly as well, old soldiers in there 50's 60's and even a few in there 70's. Its hard to picture them hauling there ruck sack and weapons up to the top of the wall but they manage. If they can do it, I can.

We move to the posts in 6 hours to set up our positions. I hope that some of these writings survive, Surely I won't.

Ryan Boarded the Trucks with the other Jan Ceri, only 4 of them had washed out. The Sun was beginning to set, brilliant orange and red dotted the horizon, and it was beautiful many of the men remarked on this.

It would be the last sun set of the Jan Ceri, Priests and Buhhdists offered prayer to the troops.

"If you put on your spiritual armor, Jesus will protect you no harm will come to you or you comrades. Thou will be striking the disciples of hell with the weapons of Jesus, He fights with you, beside you. Jesus will be there." A TV spat, it was being pushed by catholic priests they were giving last rights to the Catholic Jan ceri.

Arabs lowered there head and prayed to the setting sun, it seemed odd to have Arabs fighting beside him, Ryan had fought the Syrians and the Egyptians in the Passover war, when the Arabs invaded Israel and nearly defeated it, Thousands of Arabs were killed when American troops surrounded and starved them in Tel Aleve, but that was a long time ago, before the dead and before everything.

"Saddle up." Bon'a Shouted jumping in the back of one of the trucks.

The troops finished there prayers and took there seats in the 10 vehicle convoy to the base of the mountain.

"Here we go." Steven said sitting beside him, His K-Bar assault rifle between his legs, his dog tags clattered as the trucks moved down the bumpy road.

"Yea." Ryan said with a hint of fear in his voice. The shit was hitting the fan, he could make out explosions in the distance as the choppers and jets strafed the dead to slow them down.

"Semper Fi." Steven said.

"I was a Army Ranger stupid, Not a Jar head." Sharpie said smiling.

"Eh wouldn't say that."

They talked for a minute or two later but silence fell over the convoy. Death loomed ahead its claws and fangs uncaring of family or friend. They were told to stop it 300 men to hold an army, Prevent Armageddon as long as possible. Rocket batteries raced over there heads, rapid lines.

The Dead were in shelling range of the City.

The Truck stopped.

"Set up Automated guns here, here, here." Bon'a's shouting could be heard as they exited, Troops raced forward to set up mines, barbed wire and sandbags.

Sharpie jammed a stim pack in his side, Energy filled his body his mussels were light as a feather and he felt like he could take on the universe. He smiled taking the safety off his rifle and kneeling with the others in the front line.

Huge lights were set up shining down the trail, Dark shapes could be made out just outside there range.

Automated guns flared to life as the first dead began there march on the last Human city.

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