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go to www.farcrythegame.com

Dl the demo, gigx is a good dl site, if you close the window and go back to the site later your dl won't refresh it'll start where it left off

on very high graphic settings the graphics are amazing, the foilage casts shasows on you as you're crawling through it, the water effects are gorgeous as are the underwater creatures and plants, This game also features the rag-doll effect when you kill enemies, when an enemy is killed in water, he'll float lifelessly as his body is bleeding causing clouds of blood

overall demo gets 10/10

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agreed, I love the Demo, I will be getting this game for sure when It comes out.  It is so much fun, I cant wait to play through the whole game. 

I cant tell for sure, but it seems like the game would have pretty decent modding capabilites, and Im sure that some really cool mods could come of it as well.

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yeah even on easy it's difficult

try using the bonoculars (b) to look for enemies, and crawling through brush helps to

oh and using the knife to sneak attack enemies is good, then the others won't notice (you have to walk (shift+w) to walk up to them unheard

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