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The Dune RPG - Quest For Arrakis


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It is the year 8725 A.G. (After Guild). The Imperium is comprised of nearly a million planets. The Great House names of the Imperium are in play - Atreides, Harkonnen and Corrino as well as other houses like Ginaz known in the Dune books. The population of the Imperium has not forgotten the fateful lessons of the Butlerian Jihad but have become lax in their adherence to the principles of the Orange Catholic Bible. Technology is on the rise as well as exploration. There are planetologists, technicians, explorers, etc. Melange or spice is still the most valuable commodity in the universe and is the basis for all finance in the Universe. It can be found in one place only - Arrakis or Dune. There are attempts being made by certain houses and factions to reproduce this valuable commodity either through theft or through experimentation.

The Dune RPG - Quest For Arrakis is a Role Playing Game which is text-based with an array of multimedia enhancements to make the game an enjoyable, exciting experience. The managers of this site are die-hard Dune fans who have read the original 6 books known as the Frank Herbert Chronicles numerous times as well as the prequel and legends books by Frank Herbert's son Brian and science fiction writer Kevin Anderson. The site and game are tributes to the lasting memory of Frank Herbert and his amazing accomplishments. It is in no way affiliated with Herbert Limited who owns the rights to Frank Herbert's works. We hope our sincere attempt to continue his legacy through role play encourages an ongoing dialogue about his work and inspires those who have not read any of the books or viewed the miniseries to do so. They are all remarkable works of art, history and fiction.

Intrigue, deceit, romance, nobility, power, and strength are only a few of the adjectives that define our role play. We are having fun with the most popular piece of science fiction in history. But moreover, we are writers who wish to establish character development foremost. The multimedia on the site has been designed to enhance role play by immersing the player in the World of Dune.

We hope after your review, you decide to play.

P.S. We'd like to thank the owners of this board for being an inspiration to us (Check out the credits page). We wanted to capture the spirit of this place you have created here and it seems to be working very well.� Thanks again! ;D

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well i signed up but now what it says they will contact me? they sent me email but thats all

It's the Same for me. It doesnt look outdated, but I'd like to Join if someone were to reply to SovietViper@yahoo.com

House Czaarin awaits

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