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hey there guys. ive recently found the online game OUTWAR. its like an online RPG. you make your characters stronger by having people visit your page like so(http://www.outwar.com/page.php?x=1930238)

. you can have anyone you know or anything that your affialated with go to the link to make you stronger. there are prizes you can win and all that fun stuff.. i highly reccomend it

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I am pretty sure this type of thread is against the rules.

Especially when it asks you to download a file as soon as you link to it.(actually just the spyware stuff that you can click yes/no [GAIN] also)

I think threads like this were shut down before.

there are prizes you can win and all that fun stuff..

EDIT - Oh wait it wasn't sent to the dungeon, it was just flamed.


So maybe it isn't against the rules. :)

Up to the mods :P

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Umm i never download the file. and you never need to. if there WERE a way that i could stop that thing from coming up, believe me i would. but there is no way for me. and how could it be against the rules if i am showing a game i just found, and an example of the power system? yeah it helps me out, but not much... im sorry no one has to click on the link. and there IS a pop-up. i have no idea what the heck it is.. i never downloaded it. sorry. if you dont want to see it ,dont click on it.

and the prizes you and win and stuff like that are for doing so well for that month. for like being the top gangster, popstar and monster and stuff like that.. i dont mean the crap that people put on the site to try and spam down your mailbox if you click on it and enter your email.

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you type in thier name in game ,and you click attack.you win based on level, weapons and skills learned. its fairly cool. there are rounds and stuff. ways to get money, like casinos and a lottery. there are adventures. shops you can buy stuff. its was a little hard on me when i first started, but im getting the hang of it.. i highly recomend it if you like these type of online games.

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