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siege multi mod problems


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when i gettin a siege multimod i get new problems in dune2000

when i try tyo play a ordos or atreides i get error message

"circles are defined up to 7 Ggame ticks=6867744]

i launch tibed, and tried to found the problem.

i found small thing, atreides construction yard armor is setted to invulnerable, i setted to light, i go to ordos profile, i check construction yard. armor= none <lol>  :O :O i maked as light, and save. when i run again, i get second error

"cannot open file devotion.nfo file is missing or invaslid please reinstall game from your cd Ggameticks=1703]

i reinstalled game, load again siege multi mod, changed armor on atreides and ordos CY, and tried to third launch game..

and next strange error

"you need to Convert your drie to system files FAT32" Ggame ticks=0]


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