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dune2000 crashes on house ordos


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have problem, i cant play ordos mission 9 map2. after loading game, , jump error to center of screen


westwood online library is either or invalid,

please reinstall game, and scan reg files for errors, if error jump again, contact with developer of game

i checking the game for westwood online components, and folder westwood/internet/ has wanished! , i not delete,

i in later time checking linux preferences and system usages. almost always have 79% free system memory, and game play speed and very good graphics.my internet is from LOCAL INTERNET PROWIDER, it is fast, and evry site launch very quicky. if play game via internet with other players, from other city. but problem is on house ordos. if i play via internet game, house ordos, game crashes and westwood online components has been auti-deleted . last week, i deleted FreeBSD 4.3.0 and install old windows 98 SE.and install game via LAN, from other computer., with access to CD. game has been succefully installed and dune2000 work normally, house ordos work property, but cant play game via internet

i download upgrade to playing dune2000 via internet but dont take efect. the is not pirated game, is normally orginal, but installed from other computer. using LAN.

is impossible , dune2000 dont work on multiplayer>internet

if i click button internet game return me to windows and error is


you dont have installed westwood online , you have invalid components,reinstall westwood online and try again..... game is patched to 1.06 what is bad, game is not pirated...

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i must uninstall all mods hows are added? i have westwood account but for few hours remowe mod, and try install westwood components.....but problem is other

game type dune2000 v1.06 (installed patch 1.06)

mods: siegeMiltiMod

other patches: none

edited units: raider,trike,quad, MCV

SysOp = windows 98 SE no windows XP

RAM 64mb

HDD 3gb

CD-rom x8 (burned)

floppy station: Panasonic

Westwood chat have installed. from ftp.westwood.com/pub/wchat/

and chat is working, but tried to play online before loading mods/editors

and i found idea, to install ClaSS

and open it.

and effect is failed

can't find atm.dll . i need this file to install class . some friends say me,"you must install Class.exe into game directory and dune2000 can be work via internet" is really possible? if yes , need a file and URL/patch to file where can be downloaded

if no , please find other thing to playing game via westwood game server,without reinstalling game

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