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This Halloween, Embrace the Jihad....


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Going out trick-or-treating?  Having a shindig or a hootenany?  Got an average annual income of a hundred grand or more?  Then check this out!

After some intense research (or, you know, clicking a link on msn.com) I've managed to come up with a halloween costume the lot of you would kill for:  Terrify the denzions of your water-rich suburb dressed as a true deep desert Fremen!

What could possibly be more horrifying to the average middle class housewife holding a bowl full of candy than the sight of a blue-in-blue eyed Fremen striding towards her door, crysknife bared and unblooded?  Trick or treat will never have such ominous overtones again....

All that's needed for this dream to become a reality is for you to click here, here, and here.

But be warned, the cost of becoming one of the wil'o the sand may be higher than you could possibly imagine....

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