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Reading order for the Dune books

Atomic Mitten

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Just playing Devil's Advocate here, but Frank's legacy was always going to be a burden on Brian's shoulders, so perhaps he felt he could not face the task alone?

Oy vey! ::)

That still doesn't explain why he turned to an <b>outsider</b> rather than to a family member. I'm pretty sure Byron's interest in writing didn't just develop in the last few years. Brian could have chosen to write with his nephew.

Maybe (and of course this is just speculation) he feared Byron wouldn't be willing to give grandpa's legacy the good screwing Brian had in mind?

(I'm leaning back towards my old conspiracy theory, that Brian is the true villain of the piece, and that he's set KJA up as the fall guy while he plays the bumbling, pickle-brained recluse. ;) )

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