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Dune2k 1.02 patch


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i need patch 1.02 for dune2000. i need this for test trainer maked by dune2000 C++ sources. if is possible, please give link to 1.02 the patch 1.06. is not needed, i need 1.02

Thanks Thargon

my sites

www.canpol.pl/thargon/ CHAT ---> polish chat..

or www.mjbclan.glt.pl MJB clan

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syczek for someone who says they are so smart you sometimes act very stupid. Throughout your time on this site you have made many wild claims yet have never backed any of them up. You also consistently download illegal and pirated versions of games and then claim they are valid. Stop doing this or I will suspend your posting rights.

There is no patch to 1.02 because that is the version the game was released as and because of that there never was or ever will be a patch to make the game goto version 1.02.

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