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Real stratergy this time

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first the most effective tactic i have found is that if on all the entrances of your base you put clusters of 6 to 8 rocket and gun turrents (3 or 6 of each) it usally kills most. and it hasnt failed with me yet when a rocket tank comes to attack them (they can shoot further and stay out of range of the turrents) just get 2 or 3 light infantry to bait them closer)

the second is a diversion send about 30 tanks (your strongest) to the main entrancee off the base then the enemy will send all its units out to attack meanwhile send enginers into another entrance. Have a group of about 10 troopers to take out the turrents its best to go straight for their construction yard then heavy factory, starport,high tech factory light factory, wind traps, then refinary and after that just plan a main attack

An easy way to scout an enemy base is to get about 10 trikes and keep pushing through untill one gets through. then scout the base as fast as you can

If you manage to capture the enemys construction yard then it is esay to plot a attack because anything you destroy they cant rebuild. heres my stratergy if you are

Orods- send in about 30 deviators. and about 10 troops for each turrent send them in groups one group for each turrent and about 10 more of your strongest units. when you break through their defense go for all their buildings

Harkonnen- drop a death hand on all of their wind traps send about 15 of your devastators ( self destruct them when there nearly about to blow up)) while you have groups of about 10 troops concerntrating on each turrent when you beak their defense destroy everything

Atradies- make a diversion, and capture their construction yard then launch an airstrike on their wind traps do the thing with the troopers as in orods and harkonnen while you send in about 20 well armoured units in when you break their defence send about 10 more tanks down and attack

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I hate to be a spoilsport, ffrenchy, but I guess I'm gonna havta rip apart your strats bit by bit.

If you use clusters, then the AIs raiding units can get through the turrets. Setting the turrets in a straight line is the more practical thing to do. And you should forget about using gun turrets as the only difference between gun turrets and rocket turrets are the damage inflicted and the rate of fire. None of them do worthwile shit to infantry. Thats why, if you look at Tactics for Dune2k a li'le carefully, you'll find it mentioned somewhere that seige tanks should be positioned behind the turrets.

Have you ever tried using seige tanks as a diversion? No wonder you needed 30 if you have. Look, I dont think you know your unit statistics too well. I may plan on submitting it one day. Anyway, it wont work since seige tanks have very little armour and do almost no damage to tanks with medium/heavy armor. Your basic strategy is quite good (and common) but try using combat tanks instead.

Again, use combat tanks. And there's no guarantee that the AI will go after the tanks first. They operate solely on a first come, first kill basis.

The things are called Deviators.

The hark things are called Devastators. And talk about them in a hushed tone, as a sign of reverence.

You cannot send rocket turrets to an enemy base.

Carryalls should help. Always have 2 carryalls for each harvester. And keep some heavy units (not seige tanks, they seem to be your fetish) around the spice fields.

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i meant rocket tanks. im fairly new to this game i dont know much about the damage of units or the names i just know what they do. i have my turrents in a line of about 10 and 2 or 3 rows back that is really effective against any unit im playing now and not one turrent has been destroyed yet. in the earlier missions i put clusters on each side of entrances and they were effective aswell.

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