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  1. My bad, I never heard of the stopping-technique. I thought you used it to make the stock value go down so you could merge for a less high price.. ???
  2. I double up track pretty fast, so I seldom need to stop trains, I dislike micromanagement and I can't imagine how experts can run multiple companies at the time, is this maybe the reason why Im not on top of the game yet? I read the official manual and strategy guide and I understand the three basics of the game: infrastructure, management and financials. Infrastructure is in the line of my study. Management goes well too, I check where demand is high, use the particular managers when needed, carefully make my decision wich type of engine is most suitable. Financial matters I like as well. Just befor profitable trains come in I buy my own stock, I buy more stock when economic situation has been bad and is to be expected to improve and I always try to get a majority stock as soon as possible in other companies.. (my purchasing power I keep as low as possible) So now you have any idea what level I play. BTW, with the info here on this forum I got the gold also with the Peoples train and Cape to Cairo Im working on now..
  3. Stopping the trains of the other company?? Hahaha! I never dared to let the AI take over my company in order to run things with the other company. Somewhere in a manual I read that the AI is only able to manage passenger cargo well and that it's horrible in freight and therefor can destroy my company.. Any thoughts on that?
  4. Thanks Loco, this would be enough for now.. Another question: In the Remember America scenario; If I go for the option to first invest in the oher companies (wich generates the most starting money the fastest) and I decide to take over that company how do I do that? Can I just claim the chairmanship if I got over 50% shares or something?
  5. Okay Gwiz, here's my question. Do you have a good strategy guide specificly for the campaigns Antartica Rising and Remember America? The standard manual/strategy guide is helpful with Remember America but not very elaborate and the places it mentions on the Antartica map that aren't even there.. ???
  6. Thanks for the effort but your link doesnt involve second century campaigns.. Ive searched the internet, and it looks like you're prolly right. Most links give errors and not much is to be found.. :(
  7. Hi, I'm new and just started playing RRT2. It is the best sim game I ever played. I did the classic campaign, (easy mode as Im a novice) and got gold easily everywhere (except Peoples train and Cape to Cairo) of the Second Century I only did the campaigns I liked. Antartica Rising and Remember America I like very much, but I can't find a way to win the gold.. Are there strategy guides for those or the entire Second Century that go further than the standard issue that came with the game?
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