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  1. Thanks for all information. It was very useful to read them. I'm working a real analysis about the causes of the price's falling nowthere. The new informations help a lot. My aim is to find the factors which help to predict a declination in order to make short sells. However, I'm making this not in an experimental situation (like Lama), but in a real one (and in a long-time period). It's busy here, too, but I'll post the results maybe next week. If there is anyone who has experience about short sells, please inform me. Maybe, it would be good to begin a new topic, too. Good wishes.
  2. Thanks for the notice. Yes, I saw that the prices (and the other markers) change if a train arrives a station (and brings some income). You wrote the global economic status modifies the prices, too. Good. But my question was about the possibilities of the prediction of the future price's value, because I want to make speculations. Therefore important is the reliability the different markers. And, did anyone see, that the prices changed, if the newspaper had reveal an event, f.e. a war? Are there other (maybe random) factors, too? Is there the game a good modell for a real situation or do the prices depend only on the economical markers of the companies?
  3. I'd like to find some experienced RT3 stock market sharks who can help me. Do anybody have any experience about the trends (or laws) of price's changes? Are reliable the P/E, P/S or P/BV markers for the future prices?
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