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Goal: In the year 1675 King Phillip Chief of the Wampanoag tribe attacked the English settlements in New England. In June of that year the Mohegans, instead of joining with the colonists, joined forces with King Phillip. Together they drove the English and the French back into the sea. Now after 200 years of successfully defending their lands, Chief Red Cloud of the Lakota has sent word to you. He asks for your help building a rail system to unite the newly formed nations in America.

Are you up to the task?

You have 40 years to complete the following:

__) BRONZE (__

Connect the national capitol in Kansas City to Waukegan and Iroquois City. And collect $200 million in industry profits.

__) SILVER (__

Along with the above connect your rails to Geronimo and Lakota. And make $300 million profit from your industries.

__) GOLD (__

Also connect to Osseolia. And make $400 Million in industry profits.

__) NOTES (__

You may only start one company. And no unconnected track building allowed.

Author's Comments: What if history had been just a little bit different?


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