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  1. Just a small reply: Im still working on this every now and then. Current progress is displayed here:
  2. Hello to all the Dune modders around, while working on 3D game support on OpenRA, i somehow ended in a discussion about whether remaking E:BfD in OpenRA would be possible. I started to search for information about the asset formats, but most information i found was incomplete, or tool authors simply did not release their sources. So i started from scratch and reverse engineered the formats myself completely open for anyone to use. The base idea is to work out a main repo which properly demonstrates the use of every single byte in the game assets for universal usage. I have uploaded the current state here: https://github.com/IceReaper/ebfd-re It would be awesome if some modders with some additional knowledge here would be willing to help out completing this small example project, so any future modder or developer will be able to use the repository as a starting point to properly read / write / convert assets.
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