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  1. THX Cm_blast, now its working, no idea what whas wrong, seems to firewall in W10 is too agresive, dune_spawn was allowed, but after 100x launch he asked again to allow, so I did and its working.
  2. Hi guys, I changed my PC and now cant run multiplayer, watch here and pls give me suggestions: https://youtu.be/oY9VWNxjUN4
  3. Hi I have 3 newbie questions: 1. I start Dune Gruntmods edition (downloaded from this site), Launch multiplayer, it downloades many stuff and can play. Once I turn it off and start same way again, it dowload nothing, and dont start. If I reinstal whole game, works again, only ONCE. W10 64bit. 2. There was som great maps, for example dune world war, but there is no more. Why? 3. If I download here in downloads some fan maps, its only fileabc.map How to import? Can we play multiplayer? thanks
  4. Hi guys, I have problem with Dune-2000-Gruntmods-Edition. I was playing this with no problems, version, new version is problem, because now it crash when I start mission, crash code 0xC0000005 Názov problémovej udalosti: APPCRASH Názov aplikácie: dune2000.exe Verzia aplikácie: Časová pečiatka aplikácie: 55d6d429 Názov chybného modulu: ntdll.dll So I restart computer, turn of antivirus, firewall, reinstall, try all settings, run as admin, run as cimpatibility XP, run cmd > sfc /scan... nothing works. So
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