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  1. Thanks allot for the info it really helped yea I made a beautiful map I'm doing like a fremen campain, the AI presets you put were exactly what I was looking for now I know more or less what the values should be set to, the values that should be set to like 100 or 1000 I was putting like 1 or 2 ha
  2. Is there a guide on how to use the AI functions in the map and mission editor? What does each function do? What are the different values I should set for each? Thanks!
  3. Can u please make a tutorial or something on how to use the AI functions? What each one does and what vales to set for what effect? Please help! I've seen some tutorials but none helped much
  4. Hi can you please make a more detailed manual or video explaining the AI functions and what their used for? what number range should i set for each one? do you have any AI files you can share? Can you explain the different values that can be set for each function? Ive been searching the internet for information on these AI functions but cant find anything at all
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