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  1. There has to be a way to put neutral buildingz on skirmish maps. If the editor allowz me to do it I dunno why they don't show up during the actual game...
  2. Damn, that's nasty!!! But hell, if there'z no ingame support for'em, y'can't really do much. Adding buildable concrete here and there would make harder player start points easier, and savin' some time for the player. As for adding crates, it'd surely be a nice thing, especially if someone chooses to play on Hard with zero starting unitz (I do it all the time), and y'could collect a little sumthin wit' yer MCV rite away (the MCV can survive if the crate explodes). In muh earlier yearz, I made tonz of Red Alert & Red Alert 2 Yuri levels, which I still have. The map editor allowed the player to place crates, but interestingly, they never actually showed up in da game. Y'had to put loaded trucks, and kill them to actually get bonus crates. I guess in Dune 2000 the same thing would happen, too bad there'z no loaded trucks in Dune 2000. Well, never mind that - what about placing neutral buildingz which are ripe for the capture? I tried what CM_blast suggested, chose "Atreides" ownership for them structures and placed them here and there, but they still don't show up when I start a practice game on that map! I also experimented wit' unitz, and they don't show up either. What am I doin' wrong???
  3. Basically the AI is relatively easy to beat, unless y're playin' on a map which is exceptionally hard, and you'll piss blood just to stay alive, not to mention actually defeat them. One notable map is the Cielago Depression, starting points 6 and 7. Point 6 is a tad easier as there'z a huge amount of spice rite next to you, but point 7 is next to impossible. In 90 attempts out of 100, you WILL be defeated!!! Second one is starting point 3 in the Great Bled. The starting point is very uncomforable, and even tho it's close to spice, most of the attacks will come from there, and the AI will hunt down yer Harvesters to make you cry. Also there are tons of sandworms and they'll happily go after yer Harvesters. The entire bottom area is wide open, so enemiez can attack yer entire base at once! Third one is the most recend, and hardest possible map, the Two Birds Rock (where Stilgar's water level went below the minimum, and Jamis shared his with him). Rock formationz here are very unfavorable and spice is very often out of reach, so you'll desperately need to invest in Carryalls. Point 2 is the most hopelessly difficult, cuz y'can get attacked by two sides and grabbing spice is damn hard, as there'z only one passage which leads to the spice field and sandworms will be munchin' on yer Harvesters quite frequently, not to mention y'actually need to share the spice with the player on Point 1. Point 3 on the X-shaped rock is a tad easier as there'z plenty of spice, but y'can get attacked from 3 directionz here. As for Point 4, it's once again a hard one, mainly because it's far away from spice fields,and unless y'move the MCV to a spice field, you'll suffer a lot getting income. Try any of these maps I made with seven AI players, they'll surely entertain you for a while if you try to win...maybe forever...
  4. Hey everyone! I just downloaded this D2K Editor to place buildingz and unitz to the skirmish maps I made, but for some reason they don't show up! I gave'em the allegiance of the Fremen, and besides, it'd be awsum if there'd be neutral stuff for capturing, but whenever I start a new skirmish battle on that level, the buildingz don't appear! How can I place structures on skirmish maps??? Also I've noticed I'm able to place concrete slabz but for some reason the game doesn't allow me to build on them! What gives? I'd also like to ask if it's possible to place crates? I found no such option in the D2K Editor anywhere. I'd love to place a crate to each starting point so each playerz grab sumthin useful (hopefully). In Red Alert and Red Alert 2, there wuz an option to place crates here and there. I hope I can get some useful answerz here!
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