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  1. Can you tweak the AI player in multiplayer it is brutal and has defeated me and another player (we are both good players) 3 times in a row now.
  2. I wanted a saved game editor or trainer more to experiment with game play, such as formations or tactics. A saved game editor or trainer would allow me to build (for example) 25 trikes and use them in an attack or, 100 infantry, and such. You can only do that if you can modify the amount of spice you have or if you have a quick build option.
  3. I bought Dune 2000 when it was first released and have been playing it ever since. I recently downloaded the Grunt Mods D2K for Win10 and was delighted that I could play this game again. Excellent Work Grunt Mod developer!! I would like a reliable game trainer or a saved game editor so I can tweak the scenarios I am playing. I am beyond playing the vanilla scenarios and like to experiment with different types of attacks, formations and strategies and need a trainer or saved game editor to do that. Can anyone in the Grunt Mods - Dune2K community recommend a trainer or editor that I can use with my version of the game - Grunt Mods most recent version with win10 compatibility. Much thanks for allowing me to enjoy this great game again Halder
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