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  1. Hey guys. Was wondering if anyone had the old version of that allowed the build que patch as well. Lost my old version and the new one doesn’t have it built in. Any help would be awesome. Thanks Fam
  2. Mine dont work either, Ive been watching them through youtube.
  3. Hey everyone, I've been working on my own campaign where I have been adding the mercenaries (working with other player to make more of a 2v1 situation). The issue I am having is I want to add some text into each mission briefing, but every time I change it / add new words It doesn't save, even when I have manually saved it. I am currently using gruntmod, and using the UITableEditorV0.3 to open the text.uib file. This opens fine, and I can find the first atreides mission AM2Text2. When I try to change this is doesnt save. What am I doing wrong, what else am I missing. All I wa
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