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  1. The scenarios are played on much larger maps (256x256), and allow you to continue playing after completing the main mission, gaining then the objective of defeating all other players. They also have side-quests to help you get started, such as one for building farms. They also have a more sophisticated set up, with a world map for Earth and another for Nidavellir being in the game, and then when a scenario is chosen a portion of the respective map is used, with the situation at start varying dynamically according to the scenario's start date. My intent is to eventually transfer all the other quests to the scenario mode. About the grand strategy mode, yes, it was removed to allow focusing on the game's core RTS gameplay (I made an announcement about that on Steam some time before doing so). It was taking too much time away from working on the RTS itself, and ended up requiring duplicating features. The larger maps in the scenario mode are intended to compensate for that, and they are planned to become larger as performance improvements allow (i.e. to 512x512). The GSM can still be played by going back to version 2.5.3, though (it is available on Steam as a branch through the "beta options"), though.
  2. Remaking all goblin, kobold and gnome units would take a great amount of effort... it is not really feasible. Each unit has about 60 frames, when you multiply that by the quantity of affected units... the game would have to receive no new graphical content other than those slightly larger sprites for several months in order for them to be done. And I personally think the size of the gnomes/goblins/kobolds is pretty good as-is, if they are increased in size then they would be as large as dwarves, which is too big for them. I do want at some point to include a "zoom mode" though, allowing the player to zoom in on the map with 2x the scale, which will make it easier to see units on larger resolutions (while keeping interface size the same). About the graphical issues, it is probably an issue with the resizing code for fullscreen; I'll take a look at that.
  3. Hmm, I can't reproduce the graphical issues =/ Were you using full-screen or not? About the forest regrowth, it was indeed a bit too fast. I've doubled the time it takes now (for the next version). It previously took 10 minutes to regrow, while it now takes 20. The forest regeneration speed can be modded in /scripts/stratagus.lua: -- Set forest regeneration speed. (n* seconds, 0 = disabled) SetForestRegeneration(1200)
  4. Good question. Since they are cosmetic only, I guess not having a separate entry would make more sense. Unless other games' cosmetic DLCs have separate entries.
  5. Thanks :) A good portion of the graphics was done by Jinn, but Exidelo also did many of the graphical components of the Faction Flair Packs.
  6. The two DLCs add new faction-specific graphics. For example, the Brising Faction Flair Pack adds volcanic forge graphics for the dwarven Brising Clan's smithy: The idea is that with the base game being free on Steam as well this will help spur the growth of the game's community :) By the way, in the development version of the game the map editor is now also capable of creating mods, with new units and the like.
  7. Yup, and the game is also now free on Steam (with two DLC packs being sold instead). You can see the full news here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/370070/announcements/detail/639881837106794629
  8. Patch 1.8.0 is now here, adding the custom heroes and the inventory system to the game! :) http://www.indiedb.com/games/wyrmsun/news/wyrmsun-v180-the-heroes-are-here
  9. In the distant future, yes. The main issue is having the necessary graphics to add them. Romans and Celts would probably be the best ones to add, as their units and buildings can be gradually added to the game, with each addition already improving the experience of the scenarios where the Germanic peoples fight them. And when those are completed, add the civilizations neighboring them and so forth. For more distant civilizations like the Japanese or Chinese, they would need to have all units and buildings from the first to contribute to the game's experience. Naturally I would gladly add them if the graphics were present, but to focus the commissioning of graphics on those civilizations would not be as cost-efficient at this moment as focusing on the Romans/Celts instead.
  10. Naturally :) The latest versions saw buyable potions being added to the game, along with an automatic battles option for the grand strategy mode.
  11. Unfortunately mainline Stratagus is at the moment no longer being actively developed. The person who was updating the engine has said he is no longer interested in doing so. To my knowledge only my fork of the engine (Wyrmgus) is still seeing active development. About art, thankfully yes :) Some examples:
  12. It's not an expansion to Wyrmsun, but a standalone game using the Stratagus engine and some of Wyrmsun's graphic assets. I don't know what Kyran's plans for the game are, what I know is that he was working on new game modes and scenarios, and also had posted some ideas for new units.
  13. Ah yes, in 1.0.1 there were no tooltips for the grand strategy mode indeed. About the UI, yes, it can be changed just via scripting. The dwarven UI, for instance, is defined in /scripts/dwarf/ui.lua. Some things may also need to be changed in /scripts/ui.lua to make everything be positioned as you want. If something is unclear to you about how to change the UI, let me know and I'll try to help. Wyrmsun Thunder was a mod Kyran was working on for Wyrmsun, but now it's going to be standalone, so it has been rebranded Timeless Tales. Yes, Wyrmsun runs fine on Linux. On Steam there is now a Linux version of Wyrmsun, for instance (kindly compiled by Akien). To compile it for Linux one would just need to compile the engine located in this repository: https://github.com/Andrettin/Wyrmgus And then put the data from this repository in the same folder: https://github.com/andrettin/wyrmsun
  14. Hehe :P Even with the new popup tooltips there was still confusion? The person who did the narration was Kyran (who maintains the stratagus.com website and develops Aleona's Tales).
  15. The game has suffered quite a few improvements lately, including German voices for the Teutons and Proto-Germanic ones for the Germanic units :) And, there are now day/night cycles in Wyrmsun! Human units now see farther at day and less by night, while for goblins and kobolds it is the reverse. Dwarves and gnomes have constant sight regardless of the time of the day.
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