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  1. I found my old CD-ROM of Dune 2000, pretty cool! Funny how it has 2 of them with a manual and the game. Out of curiosity, are there more people with this on the forum? Is it rare or not?
  2. Thanks guys the AI works now and why the events didn't work was just my fault... I looked at the events of a mission in the sandstorm campaign and found out my timer of unit spawn was 0, and it is supposed to be 1 haha :)
  3. The events do not work at all. The AI is not doing anything. But the alliances WORK?(why would the alliances exist, if the events doesn't work?) I checked the events with the old editor, it looks normal in there. The mission is in the Mission launcher, and the custom briefing also works.
  4. can you make rock into concrete? that would be awesome for multiplayer
  5. 1: I think you can use Spanish text.uib. Since the Mission Launcher is only for selecting missions, and it copies the line of the uib file you have chosen. That means you can probably do it. 2: I never used Tibed. Its used for modifying things right? That probably doesn't affect the mission launcher, only the game itself.
  6. I made a video tutorial on how you can put your own missions in the Mission Launcher. This way you don't have to replace other campaigns/missions or .mis files. Here is the video: Feel free to ask questions / give tips :D
  7. Sorry that I post this so late, but it works again. thanks for the help
  8. I tried both and reinstall, still not working.... I have windows 7 and I can play single player normally...
  9. So yesterday I played online with no problem. But today it says ''Connection to westwood online failed. Check your ISP connection''... I played a game with no problem.......so it's not my internet. I set off my firewall..... didn't work... Restart PC..... also nothing. The server is fine I think, chat works fine..... But inside the game multiplayer is not working.... Somebody knows a solution?
  10. Thanks for the information! I read that the house Moritani supported house Corrino, i can definitely use that.
  11. Hello! Anybody knows a name for the black colour? I don't know alot about the houses in all the dune games. I only play dune 2000 and red alert 1... So you guys know a house i can use for the black colour? It is btw for mission makking... Greetings,
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