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  1. Internally hosted site is now working. A beta ladder was added too and seems to work fine. Dune 2000 Channel Alman is working again! I asked some people to add a time counter to the game too. Someone did it, don't know exactly who was but its very usefull. Many thanks to Griffin, DLAriotttt, Funkyfr3, Fedaykin, Morphosis and many other players for support overtime. Dune 2000 lives! Come by and see by yourself. :D
  2. I think FED2K is the most known and used forum over all the times for Dune 2000. And i think its most positive then negative to post channel's passwords in this specific Dune 2000 forum, but you are right Feda we should restrict the Hamachi channel and password for generic public.
  3. STEP 1 Download: http://dune2000online.com/ STEP 2 Install: Hamachi is required for LAN and Neorouter is required for Channel Alman, so install both. Use Hamachi or Dune 2000 Chat to talk to other players about games or support. Active Networks in Hamachi: dune2000.my1.ru, pass: 0 Raiders Club, pass: dune Ordos Barracks, pass: dune STEP3 Run the Dune2k Launcher and choose multiplayer mode: Play Online - Enables Internet option (Internet Button under Multiplayer menu) and connects Dune 2000 to Alman Channel To enter, type Username and Password. Chat - Allows you to see through and interact with players inside Alman. Network (LAN) - Enables LAN option (LAN button under Multiplayer menu) and connects players through Hamachi Nertworks. When you select LAN from launcher menu, an IPX protocol box will pop up. Select the IP number starting with 25.XXX.XXX.X. Then Dune 2000 will enable then LAN button. Now come and play! :D
  4. The idea was to make a variation to the old and effective build order everyone is using in the last years. The good thing is that it has the same outcome in results as the old one. I win the same games i won whit the classic build order and still lose the same games i used to lose before. The difference is just the starting style. Play different sometimes for fun.
  5. Well the old 185-107-802 was changed to: 208-032-867 pass:dune
  6. 32 members by SQdeviator network id dune2000.my1.ru pass 0 32 members by DLAriotttt network id 185-107-802 pass dune Took me a while to find it among other posts so i decided to make a topic about it. If you know others, let me know. Would be nice if one fortunate Dune 2000 enthusiast bought a 256 members license from Hamachi... 8) See you in LAN. Ordosbest
  7. 1 STAR HANDICAP W/R/W/H/R/R/W/L/B/W/H/R/W/O/W/SP/R/R/W/H (by Ordosbest) Build harvesters till 4th refinary is placed. And get MCV as soon as possible. Refinaries must be placed close to spice fields, so i recommend that you memorize the map. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 STARS HANDICAP W/R/W/H/R/R/W/R/H/W/L/B/W/O/R/W/SP/R/W/H/W/R/R (by Ordosbest) Build harvesters till 2nd heavy factory is placed. Get MCV as soon as possible and harvesters from start port early in game. Refinaries must be placed close to spice fields, so i recommend that you memorize the map. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ W=WINDTRAP R=REFINARY H=HEAVY FACTORY L=LIGHT FACTORY B=BARRACKS O=OUTPOST SP=STAR PORT IX=IX RESEARCH CENTER I made those to take advantage on early attacks. Early outpost gives visibility to close in to enemy. Works fine and gives me a second base earlier then other people expect. Removed the IX from this new version and it seems to work better. TIP: playing with ordos is much more fun if you don't upgrade the light factory. Raiders are stronger and faster then trikes, and its possible to build a lot of them in a few minutes. Try it. :D
  8. Yo People. Foud your network. I will be around. :D
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