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  1. Hello ppl, Me and some friends (all having played Dune... most read the book as well) had the weird idea of all cutting our hair like the Naibs in Cryo's Dune, as some weird end-of-school kind of joke. Another friend of mine came up with the marvelous idea to print t-shirts saying "I'm not a nerd... I'm a spice prospector", and then we would wear them over a buncha wetsuits to look like actual fremen... not. Of course it will all be recorded on DV for your entertainment. well anyway, I've lost my Dune CD so if anyone here happened to have some screenshots of some fremen from Cryo's Dune I'd be delighted
  2. well I got some more info, and what it actually boiled down to was finding articles which had something to do with the book itself, not about the books. Utterly useless if you ask me, but i managed to find an article about growing desert (like on Chapter House), one about terraforming Mars (Kynes' work) and one on Viagra (kinda like spice ;D DAMN i've had way too much guiness 8)
  3. Hello, I'm doing some school assignment about Chapterhouse and House Atreides (I have to compare 'em), and I need to find and include some newspaper/website articles having something to do with these books! I haven't got the faintest idea why a newspaper would write about Dune-related subjects, so I' m pretty much stuck. Does somebody know what I should do?
  4. Cool! When your addon is done, be sure to post it at the official OFP forums @ www.flashpoint1985.com and mayor flashpoint sites like www.ofp.info
  5. It's rather a flaw in your reading, because it's about Leto (Pauls *father*) and not about Paul itself, and the matter is complicated even more by some errors in the original Dune book, you guessed it, in Shaddam and Fenring's birthdates
  6. BTW, they're really religious (their religion is not O.C.-Bible-based, but Zensunni), they don't allow outsiders to their world, they look really weird (small, sharp teeth, gray-skinned with orange patches IIRC) and they dislike technology. They have face-dancers as some kind of slaves.
  7. AntiPasta


    well that doesn't seem very likely, because humans weren't even around at the time of Pangeae IIRC and it used to be everything (all land mass), thus make it unnecessary to refer to it as being 'the spawning ground of all religions"
  8. I didn't really like the movie, much too geared towards a wide audience (hey, waddaya expect, they gotta make a profit too). For example, the machineguns already mentioned, the Guild wanting Paul Atreides (hey, i see a star wars parallel here), and the high "Jediness" of the Bene Gesserit (heh, another SW parallel) Some things were cool however, the depiction of the Harkonnen and Kaitain were sure good oh and not to mention the ending
  9. AntiPasta


    I found some other interesting thing in the Dune appendix on religion... something like: "and the CET convened on a neutral island on Old Earth, the spawning ground of all ancient religions" what island does he mean? I thought of Israel at first, but that aint an island
  10. AntiPasta


    I dunno exactly somewere near the final exams, before the moritani show up
  11. AntiPasta


    I posted a similar question (about earth) to the alt.fan.dune newsgroup, and one guy referred to the DE as mentioning earth was severely ruined and then placed off-limits. BTW, In House Harkonnen some people are called Terrazi's. This sounds a lot like 'people from earth' Plus, I believe that in Dune Messiah there is also some text about Paul holding a conch shell from Mother Earth! Additionally, somewhere in the religion appendix in Dune, it says that the OC Bible was established in orbit around earth.
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