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  1. I recently purchased a copy of Emperor Battle for Dune and would love to play it, but cannot get it to work. I am running Windows 10 and have tried everything I can think of. Here is what I have done so far: Run compatibility mode Run as administrator Tried installing using "Emperor Install Fix" Tried installing from CD as well as copying CD to HDD first and then installing Tried setting up a virtual PC using Virtual Box (XP SP 1 and 2) When I tried to run it in Virtual Box, I was able to install the game, but when I tried to open it it gives me the message of "Game.exe has encountered a problem and has to close" When I try to run it in compatibality mode or adminstator in Windows 10, the game splash screen appears, goes away and nothing else happens. When I try to install game from HDD, it gives me the error message that game.exe is corrupt in the Emperor installation wizard. Has anyone had any luck running this out of Windows 10, if so what did you do to make it work? Thank you
  2. typo sry...got ADSL, which isnt great since BELLSOUTH IS ALWAYS DOWN!!! >:( >:( >:(
  3. ne 1 know where i can get some good games for a Visor Deluxe?
  4. Anybody know where I can download the full Emperor besides a User-to-User file sharer? I have it but my installation disc is screwed, it keeps installing the same files over and over until it reaches like 736% then it freezes.
  5. The game looks awesome and on a 1.8GB ADSL it shouldn't be to hard.
  6. I like the Sards but the Fremen have always ruled Arakis.
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