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  1. Acriku: i'll be using screen-shots from the emulator. The game will work on any device that runs os 3.5.x I'm developing it using 16-color grayscale, my device is palm Vx,so that is what i'm using.
  2. hey all, do you think I should start a site that shows the progress of the development? with screen-shots and all ? thanks. :O
  3. I'm developing it for os 3.5 so if you have such os no matter what device it should work.
  4. Hello all. I'm sorry to say that the game hasn't gone much in development, for personal reasons, only some slight changes, like adding visible ground and send, you can now build and place buildings, i hope i will be able to continue it's development. and to the guy with red alert,, what are you nuts??? screens, were posted on the main site of fed2k.com look it up...
  5. I have expirience in c/c++, I'm also porting dune 2 to palm, and i also live in israel, so just post here if you need my help and I work as a programmer for ibm , so I have "Somewhat" expirience.
  6. it's only heard to play if you don't know russian ;D fortunetly I do, but the game is very annoying with the russian voices. and there is alot of bugs in network game .
  7. the buildings only have two frames, besides I don't know if i'm going to do animation :( palm is too slow.
  8. from the game itself. with Print screen.
  9. sorry dude, those are different Oses so,but I heard that there is a PalmOs emulator for the CE so I guess you can in a way. :)
  10. thanks, but I have all the pictures, now all that is left is to code the game. 8)
  11. I'm looking for some good light path-finding code, any one knows such?
  12. Hey all, sorry I didn't got back well I was very busy and all at work. :( now about the dune2 for palm, well it's progressing slowly but it is, I have all I need except time, so It will be finished sometime in the future. ;D if any one wants screenshots e-mail me.
  13. Tormented

    dune2 multiplayer

    Oh yes, Dune 2 RULES!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hey all, I'm Making the dune2 game for palm(YES PALM) (the best game ever dune that is.), and I need some help extracting the images of structures/units, and if some one have a code of making a map like in dune2 I'd appriciate it, and I'm sticking with the Dune2 original Interface with the buttons and stuff, that one is the best! dune2k interface suck! C&C and on westwood screwed the interface... :( well e-mail me for questions/help: blood_bath@us.net
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