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  1. i´d like to see sc & homeworld like controls, like alt means attack, ctrl-alt means guard/follow and i´d really like to see those awesum tactics employed, like evasive, normal & aggressive style of attack, combined with formations would be awesome, how great would it not be to lock in the flat shape you build and move the army as a formation at the slowest units speed (f11 custom), or by hitting 2 keys changing your entire army (that you selected with ctrl-numer grouping that you did b4 right ;) from an aggressive wall moving and attacking that defending army you just destroyed to an evasive (F2) ring (sphere f10) so it stays at its absolute max target rage and no closer for a base assault mmmmmm
  2. in wip 352 version - starport does not work - noticed that units move 2-3x faster diagonally then horizontal or vertical
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