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  1. These were data collected by Akuenzi but I used the same method as he did to ISOLATE the distance factor: I looked at the theoretical value of the cargo as the train was just leaving the station. Of course, in a real game you'd have to take into account acceleration and time it takes to go from one station to the other to correctly evaluate your profit/unit of time. (though, for very long distance, acceleration would not change the result by too much). But in these tests, we just wanted to understand the influence of distance on the value of a given cargo. Since the value was checked immedia
  2. Ok, I'll do that. Sounds very interesting. it was not very difficult : only 8 occurrences of the date 1880 in the whole EXE and only one occurrence for 225 000 (cost of double tracked steel bridge) I just don't know. I did not even find the flag to enable the double tracked wooden bridge. All i know is the fact that there is a cost associated with it. Bridges data seem to be scattered all around the EXE file. Hello Akuenzi, I just had some time yesterday to look closely at the data you collected about lumber. It matches closely what I found for coal (this is not very surprising since
  3. True. At the moment though, I'm in the middle of creating a new map to be used with Vanilla RRT2 (so that everybody can play it), and I want first to correct the most annoying bugs in the EXE file. I will try your historical US scenario as soon as I'm done with it and will use your modded EXE file (with some corrections that are needed like 2nd input demand in factories). By the way, I just found where some of the data blocks for the bridges were located. I think this might be of interest to you. Saddly, the data for bridgrs seem to be spread all over the EXE file and so far I can only mod t
  4. Helllo, just played this one quickly last night (it had been years since last time I had tried it) and made gold by 1882. Didn't run into much trouble. Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you play this scenario, which should help you greatly: - You don't need to have all your tracks connected until the very end. You can build anywhere you want in this scenario so you should try to avoid going over mountains. Concentrate on building several small profitable lines wherever the terrain is flat enough...the Shay is useless in this scenario for that very reason. - There is no A
  5. Hello, thanks for your answer. Yes, I can understand that. I, myself, do not try to mod the game but just correct some obvious bugs (like demand for milk in cities and the like). So far, I prefer to keep the game as it is until I really know what I'd like to change...that's the reason why I still do not use your modded EXE file I downloaded with the rest of the docs. Sorry to contradict you here, but I was well aware of the dates problem and took great care of testing this behavior when fertiilizer should be available and demanded by all the farms....even in 1950 I still couldn't get a deman
  6. Bonjour and merci for your comments and answers. yes, you need a Hex editor (which you can find on the web). I use Hexedit which is very basic but gets the job done and is quite simple to use. However, if you've never done this before, you should be very careful before tinkering with your EXE file (make a backup). you should learn how to convert different kinds of decimal numbers (signed and unsigned integers, floating numbers) into hexadecimal and vice versa. When you open a file with Hexedit you should have a main window with rows upon rows of 2 digits number looking something like this :
  7. Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. First, I'd like to thank jeffryfisher for uploading all these docs which helped me experiment with all the datas in the exe file and helped me solve a few problems with the industries and also experiment with cargoes datas and discover a few neat things I'd like to share with you. First, Industries : Some of you may have noticed that, with the exception of steel mill, all the industries in the game using more than one input cargo (cannery, auto factory, munition factory etc..) had a demand for the second input that immediately dropped to z
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