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  1. Hi, I'm an avid RT2P player. So far, with a little help and some perseverance, I've succeeded all the previous scenarios with gold. This include all of the first campaign. But now I've hit a snag... I can't for the life of me make head or tails of the Seattle Metra (and I guess the Munich Metra) scenarios. It seem that what I've learned with the more "traditional" scenarios don't apply here. Therefore, I would like to ask for some general tips with the Metra type scenarios and also specifics tips relating to the Seattle and/or Munich Metra Scenarios. I admit the it might be because those maps are so busy (so much infrastructures) that I fail at them or maybe because I like clean railroad system or that everything is so intertwined (Residance provide Commerce and Industry which in turn provide Residance). I don't know how to start those maps. I mean I know I should start at residences but do I create a nexus of medium/large stations in these area to connect them to a nexus in the commercial/industrial sectors? As you can see I'm pretty confused. Any help would be welcome. P.S.: That's when I start missing the Cargo overlay of RRT3. I still prefer the game play of RRT2P but I have to admit that I prefer the information providers of RRT3. (By that I mean the overlay which show how much of cargo is where. Not the "What is produced where" overlay)
  2. Nevermind found the place... Small Station at Tokyo, Medium at Maebashi, without crossing the river.
  3. Hi, I used to think I wasn't too bad a player since I succeeded to win Gold In all the previous Original Campaign map, but I stuck with the Samurai Rides An Iron Horse map. I start with only 300K and can't get bonds (Grade F) and can't raise reasonable money thru stock (about 10-12K). I think it might be me but I can't figure out where to build that first money maker train track that would unlock the bond and later on the stock market for further money for extensions. Any help would be welcome. I play on RT2P with 1.55 at normal. Like I said I finished all the previous maps with gold, but I can't even figure how to begin this one with the paltry 300K they gives you.
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