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  1. People are infact still playing Pac Man, hell there are people still playing their Atari 2600 consoles! ;) Well, I don't expect you to leave the land of pretty graphics. But I must say, I still play Dune 2 and Command & Conquer, which are 18 snd 15 years old!
  2. Tore

    Arma 2

    I've already ordered OA. And no, I don't play online, I usually mess around in the map editor as the online interface is quite horrible in my opinion. and my PC can only handle small missions.
  3. Tore

    Arma 2

    The game has been optimized a lot by the recent patches, almost to the point that my PC can handle it! The voices have had some improvements but it's still bad... The interface can be removed in the game difficulty options Actually this is not true, the "environmental engine" does support the huge landscapes. It is your PC that can't handle it properly. I call Arma 2 the best game of 2009! It has a nice editor, lots of mods and the developer are doing the best they can to improve the game. Too bad that they never update their demo. But there is a new demo coming out soon for Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, hopefully it will be better than the old one.
  4. Are you sure you are not mixing up Tiberian Twilight and Continuum? Tiberian Twilight was Westwood's C&C3 while Continuum was a MMO game. There are many games I wanted that never came out. "Westwoods C&C3" Tiberian Twlight/Tiberian Incursion Joint Task Force 2 Operation Flashpoint 2 - Not that Dragon Rising crap Codemasters made - Well, OFP2 is pretty much Arma 2 anyways... Airfix Dogfighter 2 WarCraft 4 Duke Nukem Forever - It will come....when the sun explodes And other games I can't think of right now!
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