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  1. ;( too bad hope its going to be possible at least for multiplayer modes sooner or later!
  2. the message i wrote to amigabot: "first of all, this is not completed or so, just something i could think about to spice a bit the game. i was also thinking of removing the sardaukar units for the harkonnen, and make something else for them (to keep sardaukars for emperor only). for sure there are some stuff which can be done better, just have a look. i couldnt think of better ideas without changing 2 much or the likes. the special forces (ornitop, fremen, missile, saboteur, sardaukar) are boosted to make them more useful and balance the different strenghts! ordos should have the most improvem
  3. oh that sounds nice indeed i wish you are able to modify everything u want ^^ ill send u in private pm the list of what ive been thinking about anyway, to balance the factions, and get more variety and fun into the game atm, maybe there are some positive ideas you can fetch for your work anyway (or maybe when in future everything about modding is clear, could be possible to develop the mod i thought about)
  4. hi there, im a fan of this game since it was released, and i recently tried out some of the changes avaiable for download in this forum. but i wasnt really satisfied, for various reasons. Since i read most can be edited or changed, and i even saw some people here could modify even the campaign missions (! nice one^^ ) i wondered what exactly can u change and what cant be changed in the game.. because i thought of a list of changes for a new mod, but im absolutely clueless on the modding in general.. so if there are any experts interested would be great i can post the changes i thought about
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