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  1. I must say I am surprised (and happy) to see people are actually using my patch. When I first wrote it I intended to use it for myself but just posted it online in case someone would find it usefull. Anyway I have recently been contacted and notified that the patch has some problems on Windows 2000. More specifically it doesn't correctly detect the IP adresses. I have fixed and uploaded a new version. If anyone wants to play it on Windows 2000 they can get the new version. In case you do not need Windows 2000 the old version is of course still fine. The new version IS backwards compatible with
  2. Thanks. Sure mirror, copy, repackage. Do as you see fit.
  3. I've reuploded the new and bugfixed version of the patch and corrected the link to point to the new page. Enjoy
  4. First of all I know there is already a TCP LAN patch out there. Sadly I have discovered this only after making my patch. Still my patch has UP sides and DOWN sides compared to the other one, and someone might still find it usefull. First of all my patch is harder to install. Since it requires a file I am not allowed to distribute and best I could do was to provide instructions on how to obtain it. (On the other hand: if you have already set it up on your computer and want to play it with a friend who's not very confident with the computer you could theoretically send him the file and save you
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