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  1. Neil

    Dune Cheats

    Does anyone have a detailed guide on editing save games? I'd like to edit a Day 1 save game in order to make a more difficult scenario. More and stronger Harkonnens etc.
  2. Neil

    requesting a save

    Oh sorry. On a closer look it doesn't seem like this section gets many posts, so posts on the first page seemed recent to me at first glance but they're actually from ages ago :D I have that save game.
  3. Neil

    Dune (SEGA) ?

    I think the PC version is faster, if you put the CD data installed on harddisk. Even with an emulator, the SEGA version has a loading pause of a second or two when loading a new scene.
  4. Neil

    requesting a save

    Do you still want a save? And - you shouldn't post your email like that, unless you like spam bots.
  5. Neil

    Green Dune

    I've completed my game and now I'm trying to turn Dune into a 100% lush green paradise! All my Fremen troops are planting trees and some parts of the map have very thick forests now. I've built a windtrap in every location (that was tedious I can tell you). Unfortunately trees begin to die if they're not tended but on average they are growing more than dying. The planet is looking better from the 3D map view. I'll attach a screenshot when I've got it even better. Has anybody ever covered the planet fully with trees before?
  6. Neil


    I don't believe you. Even if I rest for several days between steps and only go at night, the sun still gets me after the same number of steps. After maximum steps, calling a worm back to the start takes about the same length of time as from 1 step. I'm using the PC CD version. About dying - perhaps it's more likely if you haven't found the stillsuits yet.
  7. Neil


    Aside from that..
  8. Neil


    Hi. Is there any point to walking outside, other than to pass time or call a worm? Can you walk from one game location to another?
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