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  1. qsadzx

    requesting a save

    Believe it or not i still want that save. ;D Thanks
  2. hello, can anyone please repost the unhsq tool. It seems that the original attachement was deleted.
  3. qsadzx

    Dune full map!

    Please send me too a copy of your game save, at crystal_meta@yahoo.com Thank you
  4. qsadzx

    requesting a save

    requesting a game save just before launching the final attack. please send it to crystal_meta@yahoo.com thank you
  5. 3ngel: thanks for the reply; i think that you stated your point of view very well; indeed it is a good theory; however i don't agree with you over this matter, but sadly i lack the necessary language skills to explain my arguments (only if someone would understand romanian :) ). in short, my opinion is that while Leto understood that the Scattering that will happen after his death will cause the spirit of the human civilization to reborn, he did not foresee that there will be also a Return from Scattering. From my point of view the Scattering was supposed to be the ultimate colonization of the Galaxy, a method of freeing the human civilization from the psichological cages of the concept of "The Empire", and Leto didn't think that somebody in the near future ( 1500 years after his death is a small period of time if compared to Leto's reign) would return to throw the humanity back inside those "cages". again, sorry for my bad english
  6. i don't know if this has been already discussed before, but can anyone explain me if Leto has foreseen the creation of the Honored Matres and/or their return from the Scattering? I mean his Golden Path was to assure the survival of humankind, but in my opinion the Honored Matres would re-enslave it if victorious. I personally think that Leto didn't foresee the Honored Matres incident. ps. sorry for my bad english
  7. qsadzx

    cd version unpacker

    as you probably know, the cd version of dune uses a single dat file that packs all the resources for the game. Is there a program to unpack that dat file? and one more thing; I know that this has been asked many times but is there someone who has uncovered the entire dune map, or at least does anyone has a full list with all the sietches/villages in the game?
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