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  1. Well I'm new around here. I just dropped in to talk about the Dune II - The Maker project really.
  2. So after a long time I decided to check back on this project and I was happy to find a new release! It may not be exactly 'new' but hey... who gives a canary, right? Anyway, I noticed a few bugs while I was playing, that I'd like to bring to your attention! I did read a few threads on bugs in-case some of these where brought up already, but I may name some that are already known or fixed. - Units don't always execute their orders/the path finding sometimes gives up too easily Basically what happens is that I tell a unit to move somewhere, and on it's way it will decide to just stop or run into a minor obstacle and cancel movement. Many occurrences, a mayor annoyance. - Repair facility does nothing Is it already implemented? I can't move units to it, and badly damaged units aren't carried there by Carryall like in the original Dune 2. - Starport orders don't arrive fully I've noticed one occurrence among a few games. I ordered 2 Siege tanks and 1 Rocket tank. The rocket tank never arrived. - Carryalls and health bars sometimes get drawn through the Available Power and Spice Storage meters in the HUD. This screenshot says it well. - Single concrete slabs can be built over existing pieces of concrete When there's already concrete at the spot that you're placing the single slot slab, it builds it there anyway. In the original this wasn't possible. The 4-Slot has the same. - Carryalls take too long finding a suitable drop location When Carryalls bring in reinforcements they generally move over your base and start looking for a drop-spot from there, this isn't really efficient and takes a lot of time before they find a good spot (especially if you have a big base) - AI doesn't build concrete It doesn't seem to affect the buildings, but it's still kind of cheating... and you can see it very well as the AI structures have no foundation, and thus look different. See example below. The one on the left is mine, the right one is an AI built power plant. - Stuck units are not airlifted away and are 'lost forever' In the original, if a unit was stuck and tried to move away a Carryall would airlift it out of wherever it was stuck. This doesn't happen yet(/anymore?) and so you can lose units if they're ejected from a structure in an uncomfortable spot. A REAL drag if it's your last harvester. - Some tile positions create ugly results I blame the level editor for this one. But even with random maps it can be an issue. Some combinations produce ugly results, as seen in these screenshots. - Pressing F11 creates 3 screen shots in a row I'm not sure this is intentional, maybe it's just the button repeating because it considers it 'held down' a few times. - The AI doesn't expand beyond the bare essentials Maybe not so much a bug, but it could be related to the AI 'stagnating' bug that has already been reported. It doesn't build Hi-tech facilities, starports or anything but what's really essential for building tanks, and a few turrets. - Starting units based on unit count rather than effectivity This is more balancing than an actual bug. Right now it just gives you X amount of unit spots worth of units. This can vary from 2 sonic tanks to a single squad of infantry (they apparently count as 2 units). This isn't exactly fair. Maybe something involving a units "value" would be more appropriate? == Aside from that... There are a few things I'd love to see in Dune2 - The Maker that aren't in there yet/anymore. - Higher resolutions! So I can see more of the battlefield at once, and because my 1680x1050 capable monitor is starting to feel insignificant. ;) - Post-Combat statistics! It was in the original Dune 2, so why not Dune2-TM? Just some simple things, kills, losses, units built, spice harvested and that sort of things. - The ability to doubleclick a unit to select all units of it's type in the current view. - Better animations for the air-units. They're rather unsightly at the moment. Sorry, it had to be said. - Save functionality! - Netplay. But I won't be the first to ask for that ;) Well that's all from me. I love this port and hope it'll keep on growing and becoming more awesome. Thanks for all the work you're doing!
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